Jason ; the Argonauts [v4.0]: Talos – Myth versus Movie.

Jason & the Argonauts v4.0: Talos – Myth versus Movie.

Ryan Kunnemann L.A. 2 Oct 6, 1996
Talos – Myth versus Movie.

The characterization of Talos’ in “Jason and the Argonauts” is portrayed very
different in the myth and the movie. One major contrast was that Talos was the
last Bronze person in the myth. In the movie, Talos was lifeless until
Hercules broke into Talos’s chamber and stole a hairpin. However, in the myth,
he was awake and ready to take on Jason and the Argonauts. The film had Talos
picking up the ship, Argo, and throwing it in a violent way, but in the myth it
says he hurls a crag at the Argo. In the original legend, Hercules, one of the
Argonauts, did not fight against Talos, but in the movie, Hercules is there to
help.Hercules then leaves Jason and the Argonauts to look for a friend that
was killed in the fight. The true story had Hercules leaving long before this,
on the first Island, to look for a long lost friend. The motion picture altered
many of the actions in the myth, don’t you think this added to the excitement
of the film?